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A Soldier battling through her own War

junior in college, i love to read; danced, huge faith, recoverer. enjoy baking and cooking but still learning. food is amazing, and so is chocolate and desserts and anything sweet. disney yo. i like watching tv shows. i think passion takes you where you want to go in life, especially when it comes to knowing what you want and need. never let anyone control the decisions you make, because if it makes you happy, that's all that should matter. there is nowhere else i would rather be right now, because i have him by my side and i am happier than ever

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Easy breezy beautiful covergirl.


This is my new favorite non threatening threat


Oh hay guys I’m just a bear doin bear things don’t mind me



do you want to hear a joke

the north american education system

HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha please help us


21 Amazing Facts About Tigers

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the diversity of colours is amazing oh my


Fake Pockets: A How To


Chocolate Covered Strawberries - As Requested!