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A Soldier battling through her own War

junior in college, i love to read; danced, huge faith, recoverer. enjoy baking and cooking but still learning. food is amazing, and so is chocolate and desserts and anything sweet. disney yo. i like watching tv shows. i think passion takes you where you want to go in life, especially when it comes to knowing what you want and need. never let anyone control the decisions you make, because if it makes you happy, that's all that should matter. there is nowhere else i would rather be right now, because i have him by my side and i am happier than ever

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❄ ❆  Frozen Alphabet ❆ ❄

                V is for Voice Cast



complete panic in one screenshot


fuck you ellen, trying to play me like that, i trusted you, watch your back, this ain’t over



Watch: The first guy to buy an iPhone 6 dropped it on live TV 


19 days till american horror story freakshow

23 days till season 5 of the walking dead

so basically only 3 weeks until my life has meaning again


I hate when you sit in class and do absolutely nothing
like, I could do this shit in the comfort of my own bed. 


It was a moment Anthony Carbajal will never forget: standing on the stage of one of TV’s most popular talk shows, fighting for a cause that touches him and his family profoundly. All while his mom looked proudly on.

Watch Anthony and Ellen do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and see the full interview here.



White people in scary movies be like…

Wheres her oscar


The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling, Illustrations by Mary GrandPré

It’s nice to see the covers laid out! It’s not how I normally see them, which is ripped and drenched with tears.



I love my skin!

I wish i had this on tv when i was growing up.

This is really important.